Apprehended Violence Orders

Maspero Legal bring more than 27 years experience to your case and can help with any type of AVO matter across Sydney and surrounding regions. If you are a party to an AVO and would like to take one out against somebody or have been charged with breaching one, seek our legal advice immediately as it can severely impact your freedom and lifestyle options.


Breaching the conditions of an AVO means you do something that the AVO says you cannot do. This is a serious offence and you risk being fined up to $5000, convicted and even jailed for a number of years depending on how serious your breach is. All AVO’s vary in nature and breaches can involve doing things such as

– Calling or texting the protected person

– Calling or texting a family member or friend of the protected person

– Going within 100 meters or less of the protected person or their family or friends

– Harassing or intimidating (either physically or mentally) a protected person


Thank you so much. As a professional woman and mother of two who found herself in a spot of trouble the team at Maspero Legal were amazing. My case was somewhat embarrassing and they supported me through the whole process and ensured I was informed explaining everything in detail. The fees were very reasonable the whole process was smooth sailing. They were very professional and we got a fantastic outcome. Infinite gratitude to you both.




I cannot recommend more highly the legal services of Maspero Legal. Being my first experience in court I was incredibly nervous and trying to prepare myself for the worst outcome. From the moment I met with them I felt at ease and in capable hands. They were very thorough and non judgmental and I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.




An AVO can be in place for a number of months or years depending on the circumstances and you or the person you take one out against may be forced to move out of their home or be restricted from seeing people or going places they usually go. Whilst an AVO is not a criminal offence in itself, breaching one is a serious criminal offence.

We often see Apprehended Violence Orders that are obtained by false complaints, are not necessary or have been granted for unfair reasons such as preventing one parent from seeing the children or payback for something very personal. We have also represented many clients who accidentally breached their AVO such as getting on a bus when the victim was already on it or accidentally dialing the wrong number in their phone.



It is possible to defend an AVO and you need and experienced Criminal Lawyer as this is a very technical area of law with no room for error

If you are a party to an AVO and would like to take one out against somebody or have been charged with breaching one, it is important to contact us immediately to discuss your options.

Maspero Legal promise to work hard to prepare and present your case with an overall aim of achieving the best possible outcome.

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