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You have come to the right place as we have helped many clients defend and protect their freedom for over 27 years.  Located on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and serving all of Sydney and beyond, we have helped many of our clients avoid criminal convictions all together or have their charges downgraded. If the police want to talk to you make sure you talk to us! As your Criminal Lawyer we want to get you results quickly using our extensive experience across all areas of criminal law and stand ready to defend and represent you regardless of your situation.  

We are on Sydney’s Northern Beaches but can travel to meet you wherever you like. As your Criminal Lawyer, we will give you a complimentary initial consultation at a time and place convenient for you where we will will take as long as it takes to understand your goals and provide solutions. We also offer a range of flexible payment options to suit your individual needs.

Our Specialties

Drink Driving + Drug Driving

We know how important a licence is to you and aim to achieve the lowest penalty possible. We have fought successfully many drink and drug driving cases and will fight hard to minimise the damage to your record and licence. 

Drink and drug driving is a complex area of law where each case is different and requires a tailored and personalised approach.  With a range of charges and penalties, having an experienced Drink Driving /Drug Driving Lawyer is essential.

Serious crime

We handle a wide range of criminal cases and we are ready to represent and guide you through any criminal matter regardless how large or small. 

From assault and sexual matters through to serious criminal offenses such as armed robbery, we have the experience and contacts to ensure your defence is in strong hands.

Traffic Law

Losing your licence or demerit points can be devastating on your work and personal life and every point counts. There are no work or special licences in NSW and we are glad you stopped by as Maspero Legal will help you get back behind the wheel as soon as possible.

Bail applications

We have been carrying out bail applications on behalf of our clients for over two decades and understand the many rules courts consider when deciding whether or not to grant bail.

Our extensive experience will ensure you have a well-prepared and persuasively-argued bail application aimed at releasing you from custody as soon as possible.

Drug offences

Drug offences are complex and we have assisted many clients in either successfully defending charges or obtaining lesser penalties. We have helped many of our clients avoid criminal convictions all together or have their charges downgraded.

So whether you want to avoid a conviction for having drugs at a festival, or want a strong defence for a more serious charge, we will fight for and with you every step of the way.

AVO matters

Protect your freedom. We will advise you on a number of options and can help with make applications, varying orders or seeking to have them removed. The effect of an apprehended violence order can be drastic so talk to us today and we can make a plan for you.


An assault charge can have a major impact on your life and financial situation with a number of charges and penalties. Assault is a serious criminal offense and obtaining legal advice to discuss defenses and options is highly recommended.

Recent Cases

Assault charges

Our client was charged with assault following a rowdy night out in the City and was looking at the possibility of jail plus a criminal record. We made a number of representations to the Court such as his character and stable career history – which resulted in a section 10. The charges were dismissed and instead he was placed on a good behaviour bond.

Mid-range drink driving

We recently represented a client who was charged with mid-range drink driving on her way back from a family lunch. Looking at a $2200 fine plus 12 month loss of licence, we made a number of representations at Fairfield Court such as her good driving record and character references. Our client received the minimum penalty (a six month licence loss) and a reduced fine of $400.

Loss of licence reduction

Our client is an ex Defence Force Member with 20 + years of service including posts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Police pulled him over doing 152 km/h in a 60 km/h zone. We helped him prepare a range of favourable materials including references from community members and persuaded the Judge to exercise her discretion. The Judge agreed and reduced the potential loss of licence penalty from two years to just six months, a significant result given the extreme speed in a residential area.

Charges dropped for serious offence of affray

Our client was charged with affray (fighting in a public place) and looking at a jail term of up to four years if found guilty. Affray is a serious offence with not many defences meaning charges can be difficult to fight.

After analysing a vast amount of evidence from Police (with a fine tooth comb) we pleaded not-guilty on behalf of our client. We argued he was wrongly identified by Police and not actually the person in the video.

All charges were dropped and our client walked out of court that day a free citizen!

No conviction recorded for drug charges

Our client was caught by police at a dance party with a small amount of ecstasy and charged with drug possession.

Being convicted of a drug charge can make international travel difficult and we made representations to the court that our client relied on overseas travel for his job.

As this was a first offence for our client, charges were dropped by police and he could travel to the USA for work.

Dismissal of serious mid-air incident

We recently acted for a client who was on a flight from Europe bound for Australia. Whilst flying over international waters, he had an episode and threatened cabin staff, fellow passengers whilst refusing to follow orders from the captain. He was handcuffed to his seat for the remainder of the flight and arrested upon arrival in Sydney.

Looking at serious jail time for his behaviour, we made a number of enquiries and were able to have his charges dismissed under a section 10, citing mental illness.

Driving under the influence of illicit substance

Our client is a 36 year old single mother with a teenage son. Police charged her with driving a car that had a stolen trailer, being in possession of a number of Valium tablets without a prescription and being under the influence of an illicit substance whilst driving.

We prepared a number of materials such as character references, evidence of recent work with disabled patients at a care facility and provided evidence she would no longer be able to perform such work if she lost her licence.

After arguing that it was appropriate for the court to deal with our client by way of a section 10, the Magistrate agreed and placed our client on a good behaviour bond without conviction, for a period of two years.

Our client was thrilled, learnt a big lesson and continues to work in her job providing vital care to disabled patients.

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Can I be jailed for drink driving?

Almost all of our many DUI / drink driving clients ask us as they enter court “will I go to jail?” and our response is usually always “it’s a possibility”. We

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