Can I be jailed for drink driving?

Almost all of our many DUI / drink driving clients ask us as they enter court “will I go to jail?” and our response is usually always “it’s a possibility”. We

New Revenge Porn laws passed in NSW

New South Wales has recently introduced laws aimed at criminalising the use of technology to stalk, harass and even threatening to stalk or harass using technology.  Attorney

4 Drink Driving facts and myths

Drink Driving facts and myths 1)  I can be sent to jail Drinking driving (DUI) is a serious offence and the Northern Beaches has one of the

Who can watch my court case?

Philosopher Jeremy Bentham hundreds of years ago said “Where there is no publicity, there is no justice” and this has been part of Australia’s court system ever

5 family law myths busted

1. Assets before marriage are protected Assets acquired pre-relationship / marriage are still looked at by the Family Court along with gifts and inheritances. It does not

What is jaywalking?

Ever bolted across the road to catch a bus, googled something on your smartphone and walked against a flashing red light or at two in the morning

Can I drive barefoot?

You have just returned to your car from a swim at the beach and your feet are covered in sand as you dread the thought of putting

Can I eat whilst driving?

Rushing to an appointment, stuck in traffic or just hangry (whilst indulging in wonderful and tasty eating) - we have all been guilty of eating whilst driving!

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