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Maspero Legal are a highly sought after family law firm in  North Sydney. Their team of family lawyers can help across all family law matters such as separation, child custody and divorce. Our team of friendly and experienced lawyers provide reliable, trustworthy and effective legal services in the North Sydney area.

At Maspero Legal we keep ourselves updated with legal procedures, changes and with all the latest information concerning family law matters. We can help in all family law matters such as child custody, divorce, parenting arrangements, or any divorce proceedings. No matter what the scenario, you find yourself in, we are ready to help you.

Our experienced family lawyers understand and sympathize with our clients’ situation and understand the emotional and mental trauma a person goes through at such difficult times in their life. We work hard to make our clients feel safe and assured and support them at every step whilst helping make the right decisions

If you are experiencing separation or family problems, feel free to reach out to us as we will assure you that you will have privacy and competent legal advice.

Our strong representation in court ensures to get you the desired outcome as soon as possible. Our team make sure to get all the required details of your case and conduct thorough primary research before representing your case in the court. We are very aware of all the legal procedures in North Sydney and neighbouring areas and work according to the complex Australian legal framework. Our team of experienced lawyers can also assist you in out of court settlements and negotiations, such as parenting agreements. We have some of the most supportive, empathetic and easily accessible separation lawyers in North Sydney.

We believe in:

  • Obtaining all of your relevant case details
  • Answering all your queries
  • Providing the best suitable alternatives and outcomes
  • Clearly explaining every procedure in detail
  • Maintaining a transparent approach

At Maspero Legal, client satisfaction is of utmost importance. All our efforts are directed at providing the best professional service to our esteemed clients. We have a deep understanding of the law and legal practice and understand the important of desired outcomes and aspirations. We are committed to providing exceptional legal services at affordable rates. We aim at providing you the best possible service and satisfaction. 

Get in touch with us today regarding any legal advice or hassle you may be experiencing, we are happy to help you!

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