Serious Crime

Maspero Legal have an outstanding record in defending serious crime and bring 27+  years experience to your case. It is important to contact us immediately if you have been charged with any crime.

Being charged with any criminal offence is a serious and daunting situation to be in as your freedom is at stake and your life circumstances can change dramatically. It is important to contact us immediately to discuss your case as it may be possible to dismiss the charges against you and preparing your defence as early as possible is crucial to the success of your case.

There is no such thing as a minor criminal offence as all offences can end up on your record, causing future grief for example job prospects and travelling to other countries.  If you plan on pleading guilty speak to us so we can help you prepare a sound application.

There are hundreds of criminal offences that exist and which we can help you with all of them from sexual assault and murder to theft and arson. Many offences carry lengthy jail terms such as Murder and Armed Robbery whilst some rarely / never see offenders go to prison.

With criminal law offences, the Prosecution must prove your case beyond a reasonable doubt which means their case must be strong to convict you. As such, having an experienced Criminal Defence Lawyer is vital in ensuring you achieve the best possible outcome.

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Penalties vary significantly with serious crime offences from fine and good behaviour bonds to community service and imprisonment. Whilst bail is available for many serious criminal charges, some offences such as terrorism or murder generally will not grant bail unless under exceptional circumstances.

We recently represented a client who was on a good behaviour bond and charged with possessing a commercial quantity of a class a drug, his second offence in six months.  With prison a real possibility given he had breached the good behaviour bond, we presented a number of submissions to the Prosecution and our client avoided a jail term.


Maspero Legal have over 27 + years experience in Criminal Law and have successfully represented hundreds of clients. We have an excellent track record and will work hard to reduce or dismiss your charges.

If you have been accused of committing a crime It is important to contact us immediately to discuss your options.

Call us now on 8052 3322 – we are here to protect your freedom.

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