Speakers’ Corner- 150 Years of Unusual People

Ever wanted to find out the meaning of life, discover how theology and physics are directly linked, or hear of Australia’s worst kept military secrets with the Unites States, all in the same afternoon? Head down to Speakers’ Corner at Sydney’s Domain of a Sunday afternoon and be prepared for a weird, wacky and interesting afternoon as I recently discovered!

Originating during the 1850’s, Speakers’ Corner is an open for all a forum where one can exercise free speech, just bring your own soap box or milk crate. I just took a water bottle and a notepad on this occasion.  During The Great Depression and The Vietnam War Era, crowds grew to over 2000 however on my visit I was only one of a handful of curious onlookers who were mostly on their way home from the National Art Gallery Of New South Wales just across the road.

About 6 speakers were scattered across the lawns and standing atop a variety of milk crates and soap boxes.  One speaker who took my immediate interest was Mike or Dr Bashful as he likes to be known.  Mike has been speaking at Speakers’ Corner for over 5 years and was happy to answer any questions I had on love or happiness. “Speakers corner is a fantastic place to come and express your own opinions and to inspire people” said Mike. He is about to publish a book which is “almost at publication stage.”

Dr Bashful addressing the audience

Originating during the 1850’s, Speakers’ Corner is an open for all a forum where one can exercise free speech.

Across the other side of the lawn was James, a gentle 65 year old newcomer to Speakers Corner.  Clutching a bible in his left hand, James was being heckled by an onlooker who was strongly disagreeing to everything he had to say.   “I enjoy sharing the poetry of Jesus however I get frustrated with people who just want to start an argument with me.” Said James.

An afternoon well spent and an experience I would definitely recommend to anyone.

Check it out for yourself, every Sunday from mid day onwards opposite the main entrance to the National Art Gallery of New South Wales.

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