This depends 100% on the nature and complexity of your case.  As part of your free consultation wish us, we will provide you with potential costs and send you a formal letter with the cost estimate details straight after our meeting.

Absolutely not! Some firms charge outrageous amounts for photocopying, speaking with you and reading emails, Maspero Legal do not. If you decide to work us we promise you will understand our costs and see they are very reasonable and transparent. Don’t forget the tea and coffee is on us!

We enjoy regular contact with our clients and are available to meet and speak with you whenever you like, just let us know. Our main office is located in Brookvale with free parking however we can arrange meeting locations all across Sydney and beyond if you like.

We have helped many clients avoid criminal convictions altogether or have their charges downgraded. However, we can’t guarantee to get you off for reasons beyond our control. Your case depends on many things such as the strengths and weaknesses, evidence, the Judges and your criminal history just to name a few. Be rest assured Maspero Legal will fight hard to achieve the lowest penalty possible for you.

Absolutely! We can’t wait to meet you and find out more about your goals and thoughts. The only thing we ask you to bring is an open mind, the rest is on us!

In some cases you may not, that’s why we provide a free consultation to find out more about your case and point you in the right direction if you do not require a lawyer.

We have simple and flexible payment options that are convenient and affordable.

We accept all major cards and look forward to discussing options with you.

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