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Are you going through a tough time in your life? Are you planning to file a divorce or has your partner suddenly initiated the divorce proceedings? Are you emotionally and mentally stressed upon how things will work? Maspero Legal provides 30 years of experience across Chatswood and its neighboring areas.

Assessing Divorce Options

We have three decades of experience in assessing and resolving family matters such as divorce and separation cases. Our team of family lawyers work with you to understand your case and provide you the most suitable alternative solutions to your scenario. We start by getting all the required facts and figures and then provide you with a bespoke legal solution.  


There are many times that during a divorce case, one gets carried away and makes emotionally self-destructive decisions. As an objective party in your matter:  a family lawyer will be able to give you an unbiased opinion about your divorce case. Our team of family lawyers in chatswood work on facts and figures and maintain a strict code of conduct while working on a case. Our objectivity works in favor of establishing the best suitable arrangements and solutions. 

No Paperwork 

The next biggest advantage of hiring a professional family lawyer from Maspero Legal is that you will no longer have to stress about the paperwork which needs to be finished on time. Our Lawyers takes full responsibility for completing all the required paperwork for you. We completely understand the fact that a separation case can be a very emotionally and mentally challenging phrase in one’s life and thus try to support our clients during the stressful phase.

Favourable Settlement Agreements

In cases where separations are inevitable our separations lawyers help to achieve favorable divorce settlements with your husband/wife.

The experienced Lawyers at Maspero Legal will help you achieve a favorable settlement. Get in touch and take the first step towards resolving your legal woes.

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