Parenting Plans and Parenting Disputes

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There are lots of different ways to put together arrangements for your children after separation with your partner. A common and cost effective way is to put together a parenting plan (also known as a parenting agreement). Parenting plans are written up and signed between you and the other parent and are done out of court meaning you save money whilst reaching an outcome quickly.

Maspero Legal have many years experience creating parenting plans and we will help you achieve a workable and long-term solution for you and your children.

There is no such thing as a standard parenting plan and during our time together with you, we will ensure that we put together a workable parenting plan between you and your former Partner that is stress free.

Parenting plans can determine a number of important issues about your children such as (but not limited to):

  • Where about your child / children will live
  • Who your child / children will spend time with for example the mother , father, or grandparents
  • Child maintenance issues i.e who pays for what
  • How long your child / children will spend with each parent for example in a supervised centre or in places they decide
  • Arrangements around school holidays and domestic + overseas travel
  • Medical and schooling arrangements
  • How to resolve disagreements between the parents over all of the above

An important part of a carefully drafted parenting plans is allowing the plan to be flexible and changeable as the needs and wants of your children change over time. The benefit of having a flexible parenting plan that it is easy to amend meaning you don’t need to go to court or redo the whole thing again if one party disagrees.

The process for entering into a parenting plan is really easy, it can be entered into at any time and whilst they are not considered binding by a court, a Family Court Judge will look at and consider your parenting plan if your matter does end up in court.

As parenting plans are not done through the court system but rather done privately between Lawyers – Maspero Legal can have your parenting plan drafted for you within a couple of hours. Once you are happy with it we will send it to your ex Partner / your ex partner’s Lawyer for approval and signing. Once both parties agree- your parenting plan is effective immediately meaning you

save time and money and remove the stress around worrying about care arrangements for your children.

If we are not able to resolve your parenting plans and wishes via a plan itself then we can assist you in discussing alternative options such as consent orders, mediation of even court lead mediation.

Parenting Plans are very beneficial in helping parents reach agreements in a cost effectively and time efficient way. Maspero Legal have 30 + years of family law experience and will work with you for as long as it takes to ensure we develop a Parenting Plan that is best suited to your needs.

We offer a mobile Service and home visits  

After hours and weekend visits available

Payment plans for fees and costs

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