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Maspero legal promise to bring 30 + years experience to your property settlement and will help you make the difficult step of putting it into action. Don’t let a partner drag things out any longer – we are here to help you achieve a fair share and to move forwards and onwards with your life as soon as possible.

Your partner shouldn’t make you wait in limbo for years thus dragging out a potential property settlement. This can create loads of problems such as rising house prices being a barrier to buying out your partner and prices being calculated at the time of separation. It is also important to note that de facto couples have the same rights as married couples, thus we recommend getting our legal expertise to make sure your share of the property settlement is fair and happens at the right time.

We are a renowned team of lawyers in Sydney and will make sure your property issues are resolved at the earliest possible opportunity. Ensuring you receive the right proportion of the assets that you deserve, our team of family lawyers in Sydney are well reputed and trusted by our wide range of clients. Our ability to foresee the movements of the opponent and devise optimal strategies accordingly make us highly sought after advocates.

We aim at providing exceptional legal advice and suggestions to our esteemed clients. We make sure to explain all the legal permutations and combinations as well as alternatives that can help you before, during and after the property settlement process. Our extensive knowledge across family law makes us highly sought after property settlement lawyers in Sydney and beyond.

Maspero Legal are highly experienced and very accommodating to assist with whatever it is that you need. They are easy to deal with, very friendly and I would highly recommend them.


Very professional service. Felt very safe knowing i was in good hands with my legal matter. Am very happy to recommend Maspero Legal.


A combination or great expertise and great service. Asked the right question to identify root of issue, then came up with a great solution- that worked! Highly recommended.


Even if you have already reached an agreement with your partner we strongly recommend you seek legal advice to ensure the agreement is likely to be accepted by a court. We come across clients all the time who go to Court unrepresented – only to have a Judge tell them to get legal advice as their agreement is not fair or reasonable. There are also strict time limits for certain types of property settlements being filed with a Court so if you wait too long, you can miss out altogether and may have to spend years fighting for a fair share of assets or worse you could end up with nothing.

Coming up with a property settlement that is fair is not only an extremely emotional task for all parties involved but is also a highly specialised area of law. There are many factors a court takes into consideration before signing off on property settlements such as assets and liabilities, future needs and contributions of reach partner over the course of the relationship. Other factors include the care arrangements of children, differences in incomes between parties now and in the future (earning capacity) and the age of parties.

Family law does not work on emotions and property settlements must be drafted in a very specific and logical way. There is a fine art to drafting a property settlement that will give you a fair share of the deal now and that will also protect you against future claims by your partner.

As well known advocates – Maspero Legal’s team of family lawyers in Sydney have mastered the art of property settlements, resolving disputes and helping you achieve a just and equitable deal. Our team of family lawyers makes sure to understand your case thoroughly and will provide you with suitable solutions and alternatives accordingly.

At Maspero Legal, there are a number of options we can provide you depending on your situation, which can help you and your Partner come to an amicable agreement without having to go to court. For example, we can prepare consent orders for both your property and children. A consent order is a property settlement that has been approved by a court and made into an official order. You don’t usually need to go to court for consent orders, we do that part for you. Also, when making the orders a Court makes them with a view of it being final so parties don’t need to come back to court in the future about that agreement. If the orders are not followed (breached) this can have serious consequences.

With many years’ experience drafting property settlements for a wide range of clients – be rest assured we will have your best interests on our side. No property settlement is ever the same so getting good legal advice from an experienced Family Lawyer is crucial to ensure you can move on with your life.

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