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Divorce, separation and spousal maintenance

Maspero Legal provide assistance across all areas of divorce, separation and spousal maintenance bringing more than 28 years of experience to your case. We will help you discover and build the breakthrough that will happen after your breakup – with a focus on helping you move on with your life quickly.

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Striving to resolve matters out of court through mediation and conciliation which save you time, money and emotional distress, only a low percentage of our cases go to trial. At Maspero Legal, you will be dealing directly with a Family Law Solicitor from start to end and we go a step further than just doing the legal work for you.

The outcome of a divorce or separation will change the course of your life and Maspero Legal are well trained to handle every stage of your case. To apply for a divorce you need a certificate issued by the court which is usually granted after 12 months of continuous separation. A Court isn’t interested in the reason why you divorced (no fault divorce) and you can be granted the certificate if you live your ex partner however you need to satisfy the Court you are separated. This is known as the living under the same roof principle.

In Australia, the Federal Circuit Court and Family Courts both hear and grant divorce, separation and spousal maintenance cases. With complex laws changing constantly, these Courts are a stressful place to be in and it is important to have an experienced Family Law Lawyer who is able to navigate through your matter with you.

Efficient, responsive and competent. Jeremy was very prompt and transparent in providing a quote for my request and delivering actionable advise on time with no fuss. I would have confidence recommending Maspero Legal to others.


Extremely fast response and arrangement of meeting. Very approachable and friendly. Will definitely do business with Jeremy again in the future. Highly recommended.


We regularly use negotiation and mediation to resolve divorce and separation matters on behalf of our clients as they are mutually beneficial settlement methods. With many different styles of negotiation and mediation such as round-table or shuttle, these methods of resolving family law disputes are much less stressful and emotional than that of going to Court and are cheaper as well.

Maspero Legal bring many years experience to solving complex family law disputes via consent order and property settlement methods which are again a cost effective and easier way of resolving your matter.

Spousal Maintenance

If you are separated or divorced from a partner who has been supporting you during the relationship, you may be entitled to apply to have that financial support continued by way of spousal maintenance. Applied for through the Family Court, spousal maintenance is where payments are made by one partner to a former partner. These payments can be made periodically or in lump sum format and are not usually granted for a set period (i.e not forever). Whilst there is no set formula in determining amounts, a Court will looks at a range of factors in determining what amount should be awarded, the frequency and for how long.

To speak with an experienced Family Lawyer – call Maspero Legal anytime on 02 8052 3322 for a confidential discussion or send us an enquiry.

We will help you make the important decisions needed after a disruption or breakdown to your relationship.

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